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Rochelle lives and writes in Western Australia. Emerging from the corporate world, she has embraced her writing with a passion and intensity. Part time business counsellor, radio interviewer, and builder of dreams, she balances all with her desire to write. Lover of music, good food and great wine, her work falls into the psychological thriller genre with a twist of… Read more →

A Whispered Word

Oh the power of the whispered word, resonating with all that is, carried on waves of gentleness, spoken in the purity of love. Caressing, Moving deeply, Freeing, Embracing. Easing into the newness of all that is, and, the hope of what will be, a soft breeze, singing your name. Read more →

A moment of contemplation.

I want to share a thought I had today on the train. I was thinking about peoples response to The Weaving… contemplating the different journeys we all take. I had this thought. A group of people sitting on the beach watching the sun set. Do all see the same things, do all experience the sun set in the same way?… Read more →

The Weaving

The Weaving was a ‘moment in time’ for me that was deeply moving, one that swept away the layers of dust that had settled around me. A ‘moment’ that has helped me take each new step in the newness of the day. Releasing The Weaving, has been a journey. I was not sure how it would be embraced. I am… Read more →

Embracing the Forbidden

The power of writing about taboo subjects is that you can tap into the darker emotions, those emotions tucked away in the darkest corners of our minds, and prod and tease, evoking a response. What about the risk? I don’t think there will be en mass burnings of your book as there was with The Grapes of Wrath by John… Read more →

He sat next to a ‘crazy woman’!

I was on the train the other day; it was peak hour so the train was packed. I thought I would use the time to do a little research for my next book. The guy sitting next to me started to fidget, and then he let out a loud sigh. I glanced over at him. His brow was furrowed, lips… Read more →

About Me

From what I’ve read author bio’s are supposed to be written in the third person. Since I’m not fond of the ‘norm’ I’m going to pretend I don’t know that. I find writing much easier than actually speaking to people one on one, that’s probably because I’m easily distracted and tend to wander off in my mind. Now if it’s… Read more →