A moment of contemplation.

I want to share a thought I had today on the train. I was thinking about peoples response to The Weaving… contemplating the different journeys we all take.
I had this thought.
A group of people sitting on the beach watching the sun set. Do all see the same things, do all experience the sun set in the same way?
Some see the hidden hues of purple that slide behind the brilliant reds.
Others, the shadows dancing across the breaking waves and caressing the sand.
While some see the birds, teasing the waves and flying across the brilliant colours, creating tiny dots of emptiness.
Others the sound of the sunset, the gentle break of the waves, the scurrying of the water birds settling for the night.
The music of colour, its resonance with all it touches.
The warmth, gently cooled by the sea breeze.
The call of the evening as it blankets all with its touch.
Each experience, unique. Resonating within the memories, the emotions, the experience of what has been with a touch of hope for the new day.
So it is with The Weaving…. it will be what it will be.

Your thoughts & comments.

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