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Rochelle lives and writes in Western Australia. Emerging from the corporate world, she has embraced her writing with a passion and intensity. Part time business counsellor, radio interviewer, and builder of dreams, she balances all with her desire to write.

Lover of music, good food and great wine, her work falls into the psychological thriller genre with a twist of paranormal on the odd occasion. To date all her work are a series, which take the reader on a journey that connects with the characters and draws you into their world.

Her catch phrase – ‘psychological thrillers that delve into the very soul of what some would could just, and some would not’ challenges the reader on many levels. At times there is a strong social voice, which has been carefully crafted into the story-line.

Her style is more narrative than descriptive; however this does come with a caveat.

The Weaving is a unique work, a journey of self. Written as a fantasy, and filled with imagery, it takes you to a place real or imagined, internal or external, ‘The Weaving’ is the beginning of all things new.

In the coming months Rochelle will be running a number of workshops and meet and greets, so sign in for regular updates.

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