Jewel House Publishing are proud to partner with Flip180life.

Founders of the peiec approach.


Flip180life facilitates change and transformation so that you can walk in your purpose, your ‘why’. This is the purpose that sustains you, and allows you to live freely in all that is uniquely you.
Sandra J and Rochelle facilitate healing, restoration and rebuilding that leads to change and transformation, personally and professionally.


The peiec approach is a simple yet profoundly powerful approach to create change and transformation, personally and professionally.
It is based on the principle, that there are five layers, these are the physical, emotion, intellect, energetic or intuitive and core. And, on the acceptance that ‘life moments’, other people’s actions, sickness and change (to name a few) impact or settle into more than one layer, supporting or dis-empowering.
Rather than separating the physical from the emotional or intellect, the peiec approach considers that all layers are affected and therefore all need release, calming or healing. Nothing stands alone and no part of self is isolated.
The peiec approach (TPA) is really quite simple. It is accepting that change comes when we address all the parts of self and in the recognition that each layer of self holds a purpose.


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