Muffled Sounds eBook

Muffled Sounds

Death danced in victory snatching with glee the final breath. Caught in the grip of its power, he was delighted by its swiftness. His movements calculated, choosing his victims with care, a mercy killer, culling weakness and embracing his calling.

The one who knows, who has seen and experienced the touch of his hand, holds the memory, a memory deeply buried in confusion and fear.

As Doctor Adrienne Jewels works with Kyle to untangle the memory and piece together the real and the imagined, her work is challenged, her life threatened and her own sanity questioned. Reaching for the familiar touch of Mozart, in need of his embrace and the gentle caress of the familiar, she holds him closely. Soaring with the flute and riding the cadence of the strings, untangling her own fears and uncertainties, she is free to awaken the memory that has triggered Kyle’s disassociation and unmask the mercy killer.

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