The Weaving

The Weaving is a journey of self. Laying aside labels and religious tenants and exploring self in preparation for 'the quest'.

Standing in an absolute that the universe is all abundance, and as part of, or an extension of the universe, we are all abundant.

Written as a fantasy, taking you to a place real or imagined, internal or external, The Weaving is the beginning of all things new.

May you 'be the one'.

Authors Thoughts:

There comes a time when there is a defining moment, a place of realisation, that releases understanding. The Weaving is such a work for me. It is unlike anything I have written. You may look at is a fantasy, a journey of imagery into an unknown space. Or, it may be something deeper, the beginning of something new.
The truth is, everything is new.
Once you have read the weaving, perhaps that is something you can explore.
The thought that everything is new... like a new birth.
We fall into the arms of someone or something.
We are a child learning, and becoming in the new .... until we are adult.
Yet, that moment of newness, will always be there.
As we step into The Weaving we see the lessons to be taken within the new.
We see understanding of self,
the knowing of purpose,
of the name held deeply within,
and then, acknowledgement of what was and is.

Some may look at The Weaving from a spiritual plane, maybe reincarnation.
Others as an internal exploration , the world within in our thoughts and emotions.
And others, as an external painting of all that is and was,
all are as they are, neither right nor wrong
It is what it is.

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