Five Songs of Purpose

Five Songs of Purpose

Five Songs of Purpose is a guidepost to living life in the fullness of all that you are, connected to all that is you and to All that is.

“There are five songs, five notes of purity, each wrapped in purpose, resonating with the abundance of all that is.”
The pure notes of each layer, carrying the purpose and blending as one, unfold in poetic prose and imagery.

This collaborative creative expression, explores our purpose, our connection to all things and the embracing of our inner self, to step into the fullness of all that we are.

Note from the authors:
We trust that this book will give you time to pause, to consider your purpose, and fill you with the hope and expectation of a life that is truly filled with life and living.

Rochelle & Sandra J

The Meditation download, the Five Songs of Purpose with music.
The Narration – Rochelle reading the Five Songs of Purpose.

Music: “Light Awash” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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