In Silence & Stillness

Guided energetically and written in the Creative Energetic Space, In Silence & Stillness offers hope, a way forward, support, guidance and assistance to work through and conquer the ‘life moments’.

Each section leads you through the five layers of the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Energetic and Core, and includes case studies and ways you can apply the peiec approach, to create the change and transformation you seek in your life.

This is an insightful and practical book, which gives you tools and knowledge to move freely in all layers, raise your awareness, and move in acceptance, so you can step into your true purpose.

A note from the Authors:
The process of writing this book has been unique and cannot be compared to what we would consider ‘Channelling’. It has been a collaborative process where one or both have received ‘downloads’ of information, words or understanding. Typically, Sandra J ‘holds ‘the energy and runs the flow of energy to Rochelle, who then writes what is release to her. The writing part, is quick, and words flow without effort when Rochelle opens to the energy and the ‘download’.

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