Journey of Soul

The Quest Continues.

No longer a child, Chloe returns, uncertain, confused and lost, she must find her purpose, the reason for being, and step into the fullness of the name held deeply within.

A follow on to 'The Weaving', 'Journey of Soul' explores all that is lost and all that must be found.

Authors Thoughts:

There comes a time when there is a defining moment, a place of realisation, that releases understanding. The Weaving is such a work for me. It is unlike anything I have written. You may look at is a fantasy, a journey of imagery into an unknown space. Or, it may be something deeper, the beginning of something new.

Journey of Soul, continues the journey.

Some look at The Weaving & Journey of Soul, from a spiritual plane, maybe reincarnation.
Others as an internal exploration , the world within our thoughts and emotions.
And others, as an external painting of all that is and was.
All are as they are, neither right nor wrong

It is my hope, that both books will open the inner you to step into the fullness of all that you are.

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