Messages From Source

This book is a copy of the guided messages received as we began our journey in the healing and teaching space. It speaks of how to stand as a healer, and of the need to heal self and stand connected to the purity of life – Source.

Each message has been transcribed as given, the flow of the sentences and the words have not been changed.

Note from Rochelle & SandraJ

The messages we received on how to heal and how to stand as a healer were given and guided energetically. This is part one of Messages From Source.

We suggest that you take your time to read through each message and give yourself time to allow the words to settle. We suggest including Five Songs in your daily meditation as we have been shown that the words are like seeds and the Five Songs waters those seed. Five Songs will water the messages in this book.

May the words find a place of truth for you, and as they do, may you become all that is yours to become.

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